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General Information
Airport Name LOC ID (Ex. DFW, JFK, etc.)
Associated City Use
State or Territory Ownership
FAA Region Part 139 Certificated?
ADO Export Contact Info?  Owner  Manager

FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
NPIAS Hub Type
NPIAS Service Level  Non-NPIAS    Commercial Service    Primary    Reliever    General Aviation  
ASSET Role (Only NPIAS Arpts)  National    Regional    Local    Basic    Unclassified  

Services & Facilities
Fuel Avail.  (Ex. Jet, 100LL, etc.) Control Tower?
Services Avail.  (Ex. Cargo, Paja, etc) UNICOM

Based Aircraft & Operations
Based Aircraft     (Single Engine + Multi-Engine + Jet)
Note: Based Aircraft counts must come from BasedAircraft.com for the NPIAS airports that are Comm. Service, Relievers, and General Aviation.
Total Operations  

Runway/Helipad Information
NOTE!  In order to export runway information, you must provide selection criteria for at least one of the runway elements; this may be length > 0.
Surface Type
Hard Surface Only? Surface Treatment
or Marking Type
Enter partial text of desired surface type (Ex. Conc, Asph, etc.)
Marking Condition
Surface Condition    
Length   FAR 77 Category
Width   Close-In Obstruction?
Rwy End Physical Elevation (Base)