Airport IQ 5010 Now available for iPhone and iPad!
Airport IQ Mobile (Free)
By GCR Inc.
  Official Airport IQ 5010 for iPad (Free)
Official Airport IQ 5010 for iPhone (Free)
  Now you can have the latest FAA airport data with you on your iPad and iPhone using the only exclusive application designed for Airport IQ 5010.
  Size: 2 MB
  Language: English
  Compatible with iPhone and iPad Only.
  Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Important! Making Airport IQ Mobile a Trusted App on IPhone or iPad
When you first open the AirportIQ 5010 mobile app you've manually installed, you will see a notification that the developer of the app isn't trusted on your device. You can dismiss this message but you can't open the app until you change your settings. Tap Cancel to dismiss the message.
iPhone Instructions

Establishing Trusted Application on your Device
1.  Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Device Management.
2.  You will see a profile for "Gregory C. Rigamer and Associates, Inc." under the "Enterprise App" heading.
iPhone Instructions
3.  Tap the "Gregory C. Rigamer and Associates, Inc." profile to establish trust for this developer.
4.  On the next page tap "Trust" then "Trust" again to confirm.
5.  Now you can open the AirportIQ 5010 mobile application.
Map of Airport locations.
Text listing of Airports.